Tips for improving user experience for digital commerce

User experience is one of the vital aspects for any digital commerce business. It impacts user experience and helps in building the brand. However most of the time, user experience of the site is undermined and all the attention is directed towards improvising sales and conversion strategies. Are you aware that user experience is equally essential for improving sales and conversions?

Here the question arises, why user experience is important for the digital commerce? If a user visits your website and finds the site navigation complex, there is a high chance that user might move on to the competitor’s site. Thus, a great design can help in attracting lot of visitors eventually resulting into conversions.

Let us take a look on few tips which might help you to improvise your digital commerce website.

  • Accurate search results – Most of the site visitors search products using the search tool, as they are well-aware of what exactly they are looking for. If your search provides accurate results, there are high chances of the visitor getting converted into a customer. Additionally, the placement of the search component matters a lot. If the search bar is placed prominently i.e. on the header of every page in a consistent manner, it can help visitors to access your product catalogue seamlessly.
  • Relevant product photos and descriptions – Visitors usually find images more appealing and thus while selling online, it is essential to capture relevant product images and provide an enlarge option to it. Through these visitors can know how the product exactly looks like by observing the minute details. Also, try to add 360-degree view of the products and show how they appear when shifted. Add other details such as size, weight, colors or any specifications, if required.
  • Simplified checkout process – You now have a great product search and relevant products along with images and descriptions. But what will happen if the visitors face difficulties in moving the product to the cart? This ought to be intuitive and dead simple. Make sure your checkout process is simple, logical and far away from distractions.
  • Know the customer needs – Having pictures, banners and call to action buttons (CTA) should always take the customers to appropriate link. Try to use area maps if you are willing to link the specific products while displaying more than one product photograph. Do not try to confuse or irritate your customers and let them find what they are interested in.
  • Mobile optimized site – Out there, there are enough research reports and statistics demonstrating that mobile is going to shape the future of the world. If your site is not mobile-ready yet then you must really get it done now. As a merchant, it is your responsibility to adapt according to the customer needs right from your digital commerce site to the browsing behavior. Having responsive site, responsive email and responsive design can provide you with a competitive advantage and reach a wide base of audiences.
At the end, from the visitor first landing on your digital store till the time he or she checks out, make sure the user experience is flawless and hassle-free.
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