Threat Intelligence and Advanced Data Governance to bolster security for Office 365

Last week, Microsoft released two Office 365 security products which included the Threat intelligence service and the Advance Data Governance solution especially designed to boost the Office 365 security and compliance capabilities. Back in February, the Office team launched the promo of these products but now these are available commercially.

To start with, Office 365 Advanced Data Governance is built using machine learning approach aiming to help enterprises in managing their data. Furthermore, this solution can help enterprises to eradicate outdated information which can be troublesome, if the security is compromised by one reason or the other. Additionally, it sends policy references and it also has capabilities to analyze data based on its type, age and user interaction. This solution enables enterprises to create custom alerts for any type of risks.

Another one, the Office 365 Threat Intelligence service is accountable for passing on the security threat information by referring various data sources. By utilizing the Microsoft Intelligent Security Graph, generated information is collected. Besides, Microsoft mentioned that the information provided by this service is generated using billions of data points from Microsoft global data centers, Office clients, emails, user authentication, security signals received from the Windows and Azure ecosystems and various other occurrences from the Office 365 ecosystem.

The Office 365 Threat Intelligence solution also offers tools to the IT professionals to analyze real-time threats. A management API is available with the solution, specifically designed to work with various security information and event management (SIEM) tools to surface the threat information. The Office 365 Threat Intelligence service integrates well with Exchange Online Protection, Microsoft anti-spam service and Office 365 Advance Threat Protection (ATP) service. Besides that the ATP service is considered as an Exchange Online e-mail security solution meant to protect URLs and email attachments along with tracing capabilities.

Both the solutions included in the Office 365 Enterprises E5 plan are now generally available.

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