Technology stories that are worth - Week 51, 2017

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10 ways cloud computing will evolve in 2018

It is evident, cloud is everywhere. Only a few years ago it was unclear as to how cloud adoption would unfold. But come 2018, it's safe to say every business uses some form of cloud services. Current spending on cloud services demonstrates just how rapidly usage has grown.

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Unlocking enterprise mobility strategy

An increasing number of industries are mobilizing their workforces. Businesses are using mobile devices to perform tasks such as viewing and sharing documents, accessing employee portals, email, and calendars. This is gaining momentum for purposes way beyond corporate training, meetings, and conferences.

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Things you should know about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data Analytics

New technologies are transforming industry like never before. Big data, AI, Industry 4.0 are the terms thrown around by technologists today, conjuring blurred images of personal data, automation, and robots running the factories. But what is Industry 4.0? Why is it important? Will Industry 4.0 cut jobs or create?

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Five predictions for communication and collaboration in 2018

At the end of every year, most enterprises look forward for predictions around the top unified communications and collaboration trends. In the new year, team collaboration tools may become the primary user interface. And one unified communications provider might mark the end of life for its on-premises platform.

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