Technology stories that are worth - Week 36, 2017


Massive expansion predicted for cloud globally

Cloud computing in all aspects is proving to be truly transformational as it will redefine business processes and supply chains. One of the most disruptive forces facing the automotive industry, modern cloud-computing platforms are leading the way for creating cloud applications and IoT systems devising a comprehensive software development methodology. Many companies are leveraging these real cases of transformational technologies for a digital future.

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Ways to improve your enterprise mobility management strategy 

While the global mobile workforce is at its rise into mainstream, businesses are looking at ways to fine-tune their device management strategies while controlling the risks of data loss, security breaches and the high costs associated with device management to leverage the benefits of mobile environment.  

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Big Data plays a big role in the world of digital marketing 

Big Data as a trend continues to gain attention with the growing number of internet users and companies trying to convert the data into insights. Many B2B companies invest significant effort to collect massive volumes of data to improve the decision-making capabilities and allocate the marketing spend more effectively. 

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Microsoft is upgrading Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams 

For those using Office 365, Microsoft could soon be moving Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams - the company’s latest service for collaboration within organizations that will enable to keep their enterprise users satisfied while giving them a feel of some of the modern features needed for team collaboration in 2017.

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