Technology news from around the globe - Week 11 2017

Cloud Security is stronger than ever

Although, enterprises are actively implementing cloud, the security is still a major concern for them. Security breach can be too risky and the consequences could be devastating. However, the more enterprises are inclined towards cloud adoption, the more challenges enterprises will encounter in coming future. Hence, this is a right time for enterprises to carve out their security strategies.

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Ways to manage data with enterprise mobility

Enterprises are rapidly heading towards BYOD adoption, which is excellent. Employees purchase their own devices, utilize it for work purpose and in return enterprises get benefitted from their off-hours availability and productivity. But it is highly vital, to consider the security concerns too, while implementing the BYOD policy.

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How the association of big data and IoT will be beneficial?

With emergence of cutting-edge technologies it is evident, big data, IoT and artificial intelligence will play a major role in crafting the connected world. With millions of devices connected with each other, IoT will trigger massive inflow of big data. However, the real challenge is to harness the generated data coming from devices and utilize it for business purpose.

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Enterprise collaboration to grow in coming 5 years

As enterprises are climbing the success ladder, they are willing to expand their business. With the pinnacle of success, there has been a huge demand for collaboration within the enterprises. The two major factors to promote enterprise collaboration are mobile workforce and enterprise mobility.

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