Technology news around the globe - Week 02, 2018

Tech digest week 02

Mastering and Adapting Cloud Computing for your company

Cloud computing is constantly evolving and it is no longer just used for storage of data. Researchers are now looking at it as one area for innovation in digital transformation. The article lists three stages of making the most of on-demand cloud computing for your business.

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What does 2018 look like in terms of enterprise mobility?

The following article offers a perspective on enterprise mobility in 2018. It predicts the trends that we could expect as the year progresses with particular look at the relevance of Microsoft and BYOD mobility to the growth.

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Big data: Not from scratch

Is big data any better than its predecessors? Find out why big data is not an innovation but an updated version of previous technology.

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The culmination of technology

Collaboration will definitely help in improving productivity at work. Here's an article that looks at 4 key trends for conferencing and collaboration in 2018.

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