Technology news around the globe - Week 15, 2018

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Business in the cloud

We can all unanimously agree that cloud has changed the way we communicate and work. Whatever we access on our mobile devices or on our computers is now in the cloud. For one thing, it doesn’t allow room for excuses. Data can never be lost and neither can it be at far reach. Let’s find out in what other ways cloud is beneficial for business.

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Unifying Mobility for your Enterprise 

UEM (Unified Enterprise Mobility) is the answer to the chaotic world of mobility. It addresses the major concerns of enterprises over security, mobility and unification. No more scattered work and no more outrageous costs. UEM may just be your company’s savior so that you do not compromise employee comfort levels of working remotely.

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Big Data and HR

Ever wondered how your HR department can integrate big data in its daily operations? Well, the data can be used to make critical decisions and improve employee relations. But that is not all, find out more in this well thought out article.

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More security coming to Office 365

You now have less to worry about with Microsoft’s added security features. The added features are attempts to prevent users from phishing and other malicious online threats to your account. Hackers now would not be able to demand ransom by hijacking your personal files and data.

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