Tech stories making the rounds - Week 49, 2017

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CIOs must take note of how cloud computing is changing businesses

Today, service providers, cloud computing platforms, and a large ecosystem have made it simple to keep up. CIOs now need to ensure that they successfully drive the cloud to ensure that businesses survive and thrive.

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Prioritizing Artificial Intelligence and enterprise mobility for 2022

As the field of enterprise mobility evolves, predicting user requests and quickly deploying new technologies will become top IT priorities. By 2022 AI and other emerging technologies will be a mainstay at most offices says a global industry research survey.

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Leveraging big data to transform business processes

Big Data is becoming an invaluable business tool delivering right from cost management to gaining new insights. Technology is constantly evolving, and as a result, devices are consuming ever-increasing amounts of data leading to a big trend in the technology and business worlds.

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Internal communication apps boost collaboration and productivity

Employee communication has a clear impact on any company’s bottom-line. At the enterprise level, the stakes for effective communication are enormous. Internal communication can make a significant difference here, by leveraging communication tools that support communication and deliver a range of benefits to individuals and the larger organization.

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