Tech stories making the rounds - Week 01, 2018

Tech digest by e-Zest

Forecasting a Cloudy 2018

Cloud computing has come a long way and 2017 particularly witnessed at 79% growth in the domain. Let's have a look at what lies ahead for Cloud in 2018.

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How mobile is your enterprise?

Many businesses have gone mobile, but at the cost of their websites and other digital platforms. Some would argue that mobility is the future while most sceptics would counteract their claim. So is 2018 the year in favour of mobility? Find out here:

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Let's go Big in 2018

The new big thing in 2018 was Big Data Analytics. More and more companies are adopting big data around the world. Let's find out why:

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More collaborations to take birth this year

New report sheds light on enterprise collaborations in the digital age. The report presents data from around the world taking into account market leaders across the value chain.

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