Tech Digest – Week 30, 2013

Future of Marketing and Sales – Big Data and Analytics

In today’s digital world, the biggest challenge is to gain insights from customer needs and behaviors from the large amount of data regarding speedily changing customer behaviors and huge competitive pressures. Organizations that use analytics to identify valuable opportunities from the huge available data are successful today. Need of Marketing and sales leaders is to mine this gold mine of data effectively.

Cloud Computing: Answer to Demanding Green Services

Cloud computing have brought the revolution to IT industry but the internet with cloud computing is contributing to carbon emissions in large because of dirty energy usage. The cloud's efficiency and scalability plays major role in reducing the energy usage and trash making it possible for companies to go green. The ability of Cloud service providers to optimize and upgrade their systems according to service demands.

Google’s Android Studio for Mobile App Development

Google’s Android Studio has added few valuable features for building a mobile application which is based on popular IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition . You can develop the Android application using Java programming language. This is a result of collaboration between Google and JetBrains, who have developed Intellij IDEA.

SharePoint Newsfeed App for Windows 8

Microsoft has released the SharePoint Newsfeed App for SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint on office 365. This will enable the users to be updated with latest post and comments with filtering option and creating new posts. Uploading the picture, snapping the app to side and hashtags are the additional features. Microsoft had already released the Yammer app for the feeds from Yammer site.

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