Say hello to the new brand e-Zest!

As we all begin the journey towards an exciting new year, e-Zest has also started a journey of its own. We have seen a lot of change over the past 15 years of delivering technology solutions for our customers. Along with a tectonic shift in the technological landscape, we have also seen a huge transformation of customer preferences. This has necessitated the needed to evolve and innovate constantly to stay on top of the dynamic technology ecosystem. It is this vision which led us to reimagine brand e-Zest that aims to unify all the virtual, physical and psychological dimensions that our business represents.


If you are reading this on our company blog, you will notice two things. The website now looks radically different and we are powered by a new logo. The rebranding initiative reinforces e-Zest’s passion for continuous digital transformation and innovation. The new brand identity highlights e-Zest’s approach towards our global customers who are highly sophisticated, yet appealing to an audiences that operates in a connected world.

The entire re-engineering approach is to communicate the story of our brand. We are a brand which wants to create true digital experiences for customers, and not just offer standalone technologies as an isolated solution. We help combine the three pillars of technology, UX and digital marketing to create a delightful experience for today’s digital customers.

So, why a new logo?

As it often happens with a growing IT company that witnesses change and innovation at high speed, rebranding becomes a natural vision. We have just taken the first few steps towards having a new brand identity that reflects this changing face of the IT services landscape.

Started in 2000, we were known to be flexible, creative and expertise driven. Today, e-Zest envisions of becoming a company that is bold, dynamic and forward thinking. e-Zest’s new logo communicates this same vision, values and beliefs that is relevant to the diverse needs of today’s customers.

Logo is the single unified artwork that represents the entire company. The logo and branding reflects the core values of the organization and help in creating impact. The company’s new identity reflects a repositioning in the market that is focused on three crucial elements - Process, Quality and Speed. That has always been the cornerstones of e-Zest’s success. We think that the three aspects are not separate, rather they are connected and form the collective DNA of a company that has built a strong base over the last 15 years.

The orb in the logo represents the three elements connected together moving forward with dynamism, stability and energy. The overall structure of the logo has been kept in forward motion, enthusiastic and futuristic.

Digital Innovation Centre


e-Zest fosters this innovation environment through a state-of-the-art digital innovation centre at Hinjewadi SEZ, in Pune, India. The peppy and energetic architecture is designed to infuse creativity among our digital experience engineers. The digital innovation centre provides a collaborative and innovative work environment to accommodate the growth of the company.



I encourage you to explore the website and share your active feedback. On that note, I would like to wish you and your family a very happy and prosperous new year!

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e-Zest Solutions is digital experience engineering company with facilities in the United States (Detroit & San Jose), Germany (Hannover), United Kingdom (London UK) and India (Pune) with global clientele. Our services include custom software development, offshore software development, UX consulting, BigData, Managed cloud Services (Azure & AWS), SharePoint consulting/Migration, Enterprise Java application development, Automated software testing services.