Rockstar software engineers at e-Zest

ReadWriteWeb today published post on Top 10 traits of Rockstar software engineers highlighting following required skill-set with relevant reference books for acquiring those skills for software engineers 

  1. Loves To Code
  2. Gets Things Done
  3. Continuously Refactors Code
  4. Uses Design Patterns
  5. Writes Tests
  6. Leverages Existing Code
  7. Focuses on Usability
  8. Writes Maintainable Code
  9. Can Code in Any Language
  10. Knows Basic Computer Science

It was great to see that most of the highlighted skill-set is already part of e-Zest team culture.

At e-Zest we strongly believe that apart from highlighted technical skills,which are must haves for building scalable & high-performance solutions, supporting agile enterprises,customer & business facing skills of software engineers with commitment to customer success are essential requirements for becoming "Rockstar Software Engineer @e-Zest"       

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