Imagining SharePoint systems with wearable devices

From past few years, wearable technology is gaining momentum, especially at workplace. The ability of wearables is just not limited for seeing visuals or telling time, instead wearables play a great role in tracking health and wellness and more other aspects of life.

Apparently, enterprises can too utilize the ability of wearables to record meetings, scan proposals and brochures, click pictures of important documents and track employee activities within premises. However, it is assumed that wearables are the future of enterprises just as smartphones, which can boost productivity, increase profit margins and bring in extraordinary success.

Several enterprises have their applications developed using SharePoint. Enterprises can integrate their computing wearable devices with existing SharePoint systems to access and track real-time data of the employees. Absolutely, a third party support might prove helpful to provide assistance on integrating your SharePoint applications with wearable devices.

Here are some use cases wherein enterprises can use wearable devices and help to climb the success ladder. 

  •  Wearables can be used to send notifications or reminders from SharePoint application to employees for specific meetings or sessions. A calendar can be integrated with wearable device through which employees can be notified about the meeting, even if they are not at their desk. This can enable the employers to receive the information within a fraction of time.

  • Wearable devices also let the employers track and monitor time an employee spends at work or at desk which enables them to evaluate the productivity of particular employee. It is mandatory to record on-premise time of employees in few industries in certain geographies of the world. All this information can be automatically saved to the SharePoint portal for future evaluations.

  • Through sensors, wearable device can sense absence of an employee at desk and redirect incoming calls from phone to his device so that none of the important calls are missed.

  •  Wearable devices are best option for replacing employee access card and time recording systems. Using wearable devices one can enter office premises and all employee entry and exit data can be recorded on SharePoint system via wearable devices.

  •  Sales person can use wearables to scan through information like videos, documents and save them to the SharePoint application for future reference. He can retrieve the same information back from SharePoint application to share with clients whenever required.

  • Adding notes or reading them from SharePoint application using wearables is also possible, instead of logging in the system frequently.

However, before moving ahead with wearable technology enterprises need to think about privacy and security issues that dive in simultaneously. Enterprises will have to carefully think and follow effective strategies to avoid security breaches. By positively supporting and adopting wearable technology, enterprises can create a connected world by seamlessly interacting with employees and customers. 

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