Vinay Pandey

Vinay started and leads the Business Analysis Practice at e-Zest. He is responsible for mentoring and coaching Business Analysts, establishing and optimizing Business Analysis processes and templates. He is expert in estimation and established the estimation methodology at e-Zest.

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Security vs Flexibility vs Automation vs Compliance (Part – 2)

In continuation from my previous post, let me share few stories about Security vs Compliance vs Flexibility....

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Security vs Flexibility vs Automation vs Compliance (Part - 1)

Everybody who has been in IT Industry long enough would have played the balancing game between factors mentioned in the title of this post at some time or other. It is amazing I have run into such balancing game so many times in past few months! I will present few stories in my next few posts, and what I learnt from them.

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Key Attributes of Business Analysis Tools

In my post on Need for Innovative Tools in Business Analysis, I touched upon the need for innovative tools that can shorten business analysis cycle time so that commitment to estimates can be obtained early on. The tools I have encountered so far do not provide an end-to-end BA cycle - some handle only wireframing and collaboration, some handle only prototyping and documentation, and my hunt for a wholesome Business Analysis tool that is easy to learn and use goes on!

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Need for Innovative Tools in Business Analysis

In my post Committing to Estimates, I presented Cone of Uncertainty with my thoughts and stated we need to be pragmatic about the depth to which we should go into requirements analysis before we commit to estimates. I received offline feedback from quite a few people that going down to the right depth consumes 20% of the project cost - something which business is unwilling to spend just to get scope defined and mitigate risks of cost escalations.

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Committing to Estimates

In one of my recent discussions on IIBA group in LinkedIn, related to whether BA's should be involved in estimation, a point came up about when does an estimate become a commitment for an organization. Thanks David Owens for participating in that discussion and raising a question that inspired this post!

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