Shrijeet Polke

Having completed his B.E in Computer Technology, Shrijeet Polke currently works as a Mobility Architect at e-Zest. Spanning a total experience of close to a decade, his expertise lies in Simulator Modeling, Mobile Apps and 3D Gaming. He is currently working on crossplatform tools and Unity3D. His hobbies include reading technology and automotive blogs and exploring places.

Recent Posts by Shrijeet Polke:

Alternative to Tin Can API Migration

tin can.png

Tin Can API arrived to deliver new features to augment the SCORM standard. Tin Can API or Experience API or xAPI (the terms are not used with complete interchangeability but it works for most scenarios) has many compelling features that make it worthy to be looked at.
Topics: Tin Can API Advantages of Tin Can API Features of Tin Can API

Android Things


Topics: Android Android Things

Gamification of Enterprise applications

What is Gamification? It is the use of game thinking and game mechanics in non-gaming environments to engage users in problem solving and increase their self contributions and sense of achievement.

Topics: Gamification Enterprise Technology Enterprise Applications

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