Rushikesh Garadade

Rushikesh Garadade

Rushikesh is a Big Data Enthusiast, currently working with e-Zest solutions. He likes to play with data in any possible way. His dissertation thesis for master's is on Hadoop Schedulers and it is from there that his interest in big data evolved. Later, he worked on Hadoop, Spark, Hive, Sqoop etc. to explore more about big data world and resolves to keep on continuing the same.

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Spark versus Hadoop and using them in collaboration


Now-a-days, whenever we hear the word “Big Data”, two words comes into our mind: Spark and Hadoop, and the question that arises is which one should we use. Before debating over Apache Spark and Apache Hadoop, let us understand the architectural difference between them that decides their speed while dealing with different applications.
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