Md Shahzad Adil

Md Shahzad Adil is working as a Senior Software Engineer at e-Zest and has 5+ years of experience in Microsoft technologies, especially in Web domain. He has a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology. In his leisure time, he enjoys cooking, cricket and blogging.

Recent Posts by Md Shahzad Adil:

Importing data from Excel to SQL database table directly

There are many instances where you might be developing an application, but you want some seed data or business data to be populated into a table in SQL Server. Considering such a scenario, where source data resides in an excel file and you just want to import data from the excel file to your SQL database table. There are many different ways to do it, like writing a script, macro etc. But, there is a simple solution where you could just import data from excel file to SQL database just like a copy paste would work. Let’s get it done step by step. 

Topics: SQL database database SQL database table excel

Pass command line arguments from InstallShield/MSI installer to custom action EXE

With Visual Studio a lot of things have changed especially after they have dropped the support for setup projects and instead promoting InstallShield for creating setup projects. One such scenario is passing command line arguments to custom actions.

Topics: msi custom action msi custom action exe custom action command line parameter custom action installshield

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