Manojkumar Soni

Manojkumar Soni has completed more than 8 years in the IT sector. He has studied MCA and his expertise lies in ASP.NET, C#, SQL Server and MVC4. Manojkumar enjoys reading books, surfing the web, cooking, travelling and exploring new technologies.

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Optimize sql query by using Sql-server Clustered and nonClustered indexes

To store information in sql server we created table and kept information in that table but many times we forget about to create index and due to this it directly affect the performance of your application and fetching time of records getting slow.

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What is Memcached?

In the web world, every user prefers applications which are really fast. To make the web application faster and equipped to handle more users at the same time, you will need to cache the most used data and store it in such a way that minimal resources are necessary to deliver the data to the application or to the user. Most of the applications do not even update their content/products database every 15 minutes which shows that it is not necessary to query the db every time a visitor enters a page.

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