Ipsita Pattnaik

Ipsita Pattnaik

Ipsita Pattnaik is a Content Writer with e-Zest who channelizes her creativity and ideas into words that take the shapes of blogs, newsletters and articles. Ipsita is an avid art-lover. When she is not churning articles on the latest trends in the tech-world, she can be seen blending colors on the canvas or crafting out a gorgeous vase.

Recent Posts by Ipsita Pattnaik:

Steps to leverage for growth in the e-commerce industry

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The last few years have seen a boom in the e-commerce industry, with increased competition, new ideas and trends among the entrepreneurs. Businesses have had to look beyond their borders to find efficient opportunities to meet growth targets. e-Commerce industry has taken business by swarm as it provides a lower risk, faster avenue to enter, test, and penetrate international markets.
Topics: e-commerce Digital Commerce Digital Commerce platform

Advantages of Using Hadoop


Organizations that are majorly data driven and process large datasets are increasingly adopting Apache Hadoop as a potential tool. This is because of its ability to process, store and manage vast amounts of structured, unstructured or semi-structured data. Basically, Hadoop is a distributed data storage and processing platform with three core components that are the HDFS distributed file system, the MapReduce distributed processing engine running on top and the YARN (Yet Another Resource Negotiator).

Topics: Big data Hadoop Apache Hadoop

Growing popularity of native advertisement

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A new wave of technological innovations has driven marketers to develop new initiatives for brand recall in order to keep pace with the customer expectations. The recent trend of following native advertisement is becoming increasing popular among the companies. As a digital commerce marketer you can make use of this trend to benefit your brand.

Topics: Augmented Reality Digital Commerce Native advertisement Virtual Reality

Augmented Reality and Customer Engagement

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With the present era becoming more and more digital, every enterprise is planning on increasing their visibility through every available digital media. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are attracting all eyeballs today as most of the brands are seeking their help to enhance the experiential marketing practices.

Website or mobile app? The changing online business environment


Mobile apps have gained popularity in the recent business scenario because of their contribution to growth and development of any business. There is a sudden rise in the development of mobile apps since a few years now. Let us look at a few possibilities of how custom mobile applications would change the market scenario and how they are going to impact the necessity of websites.

Topics: Enterprise mobile apps Enterprise Mobile Application

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