Ipsita Pattnaik

Ipsita Pattnaik

Ipsita Pattnaik is a Content Writer with e-Zest who channelizes her creativity and ideas into words that take the shapes of blogs, newsletters and articles. Ipsita is an avid art-lover. When she is not churning articles on the latest trends in the tech-world, she can be seen blending colors on the canvas or crafting out a gorgeous vase.

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Enhancing your learning metrics for SCORM on mobile

Enhancing Your  Learning Metrics for  SCORM On Mobile .jpg

SCORM offers an impressive set of tracking features in their specifications. The SCORM specs on the official ADL website show that there is a vast array of tracking data that is not even being used by existing courses today. There are very intricate parameters that courses don’t just need today and they make do with the more traditional, oft-used variables. 

Topics: SCORM SCORM Offline Player e-learning SCORM Offline Player for Mobile

A crisp guide to the mobile AR landscape


The growth of ‘Augmented Reality’ is no longer tied to the adoption of smart glasses. Mobile AR led by Mobile Augmented Reality (MAR) apps and AR-enabled mobile hardware is going to blaze ahead further. While dedicated products like the Hololens have been successful, mobile AR is always going to find a more ready user base to consume AR-based products and services.

Topics: Augmented Reality AR

Winning is not everything: Making the most of your Hackathon experience

Hackathons are attended by people from almost every walk of information technology, but the event focuses around the developers that contend to win the prize. But it is not appropriate to summarize a hackathon by saying that it’s an event where coders vie for a prize. It is too simplistic and omits the huge benefits that hackathons can bestow upon the participants. Let us look at a few of those.
Topics: #HackathonPune

Beyond the Moodle Mobile App


Moodle Mobile has been around for a while. It offers features that enable learners to view courses, track their progress, receive notifications, post in forums, submit assignments and also do all of this offline. Moodle was able to create a product that caters to the broad spectrum of mobile consumption, spanning both online and offline scenarios. That is indeed commendable. The app, rated 3.4 on Google Play, needs certain web-services to be activated on your Moodle installation. The latest Moodle installations come equipped with those services as well.
Topics: Moodle Mobile Application LMS Augmented Reality Virtual Reality

Impact of PSD2: JSON / API testing to be the asset


Payment Services Directive (PSD2) is gaining attraction and attention from everyone around the world. Every day we come across different articles which list down various impacts of PSD2. Not only the banking industry, but a lot of other industries will also be affected by it. Today, let’s know how it is going to affect JSON/API testing. It is expected that once in effect, PSD2 will require banks to provide programming interfaces (APIs) to their customers’ accounts.
Topics: Json PSD2 Payment Service Directives

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