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Thoughts on Microsoft Ignite 2016 Conference

When we talk about tech conferences, Microsoft Ignite always steals away the spotlight. This time the Ignite 2016 unveiled a lot of new things related to security, internet of things, mobility and much more. In addition, there were 140 sessions conducted for SharePoint where the SharePoint team and Jeff Teper were very open about what’s coming in SharePoint.

Below are few highlights on what Microsoft has announced for SharePoint in Ignite 2016.

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Why Should You Come to Microsoft WPC?


Why shouldn’t you? A world partner conference which is nothing short of a carnival where tech-enthusiasts hailing from Microsoft-partners come to make and be a part of a splendid day.

It’s great because you see firms showcase what they did in an entire year of applying technologies to solving problems in their domains of work. Its awe is only proven by the fact that it stands today as an engine of networking, knowledge sharing and ultimately, economic growth. 

We are sure you are already planning what seats to book and who to meet, but let us still give you a rundown of the reasons you should go ahead for the WPC.

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Road ahead for SharePoint Server 2016


Microsoft announced SharePoint Server 2016 on May 4, 2016 at ‘Future of SharePoint’ event. New SharePoint boasts hybrid capabilities that allow on-premise customers to make use of latest features and functionalities of Office 365.

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5 common reasons for SharePoint implementation failure


We all live in hyper content world. With digital revolution that has started since Turing machine has caught up everybody and every organization. The volume of data that we produce and consume now a days is phenomenal. This created a need for data management systems. Enterprises needed much more than just data management solution. They required user and role management, search, workflow etc. on top of data management. Since such enterprises have enough products from Microsoft running in their premises or cloud they look up to SharePoint as intranet solution which will address all their needs from data management to business process management. 

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Office 365 Video- The next content wave!

With increasing camera pixels, 4k recording capability, declining storage cost and increasing bandwidth video is going to be the popular form of content. Corporates will be seen embracing this new form of content in coming time. 

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