Aakarsh Sharma

Aakarsh Sharma

Akarsh is a BI developer at e-Zest with four years of solid experience in the relevant field. He works in technologies such as ETL Pentaho, Kettle, ODI, Oracle, SAP Hana SQL Server and MySql. Akarsh is competent in BI and ETL Databases. His hobbies include reading, writing, watching movies and listening to music.

Recent Posts by Aakarsh Sharma:

How to use MySQL Full-Text Search

MySQL support text search with the help of LIKE operator and Regular expressions. However, it is not a full-fledged text search as it does not provide relevant ranking of search results, results for complex queries and is not performance oriented.

Topics: Technology

Performance Tuning for Pentaho Kettle

Here are some cool and quick tips for performance tuning in Kettle.

Topics: business intelligence analytics Pentaho Kettle BI Technology

Qlikview vs. Tableau

It can be confusing to choose between the two leading data visualizing tools- Qlikview and Tableau

Topics: business intelligence analytics Technology

What makes SAP HANA different?

SAP HANA is exciting new technology in news these days. It is an In-Memory ACID compliant database that can process both OLAP and OLTP data. Bringing transactions and analytics together, you are report against your data in real time.

Topics: business intelligence analytics Big data Technology SAP Hana

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