Augmented Reality and Customer Engagement

AR and Customer Engagement.png.png

With the present era becoming more and more digital, every enterprise is planning on increasing their visibility through every available digital media. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are attracting all eyeballs today as most of the brands are seeking their help to enhance the experiential marketing practices.

Enterprises should use the technological advancement in the form of smart phones and tablets to reach out to their customers and leverage the brand experience. Augmented Reality has transformed interaction in the digital world by bringing the images into real life.

Entrepreneurs are using augmented reality to get the extra recognition as it helps in brand building, brand recalling and customer engagement with the brand. It is gaining popularity as a marketing tool. Let us see how augmented reality can drive customer engagement for a brand and acts as a helpful marketing tool.

Educate your customers

Before making any purchase, consumers want to gather as much information as possible about the product. This is where augmented reality helps in many ways. In traditional marketing practices, it was tough to educate the customers about the products. Through augmented reality, they can access a lot of information about the products without even physically visiting a store.

Helps in window shopping

Window shopping is all about visiting the product site before purchasing it. It means you just make yourself aware of the product and other competitive products before making any buying decision. A lot of enterprises are taking up augmented reality to introduce their products, designs and innovations to their customers. From the marketing perspective, AR engages customers with the product and actually pre-sells the customer on the product. This gets them in the mindset to go ahead and make the purchase.

Increase brand-awareness

Most of the popular brands are using AR in different ways to create some noise in the market. This helps in triggering the brand awareness among customers. One of the most successful campaigns was done by Pepsi with the help of augmented reality. Pepsi bus shelter prank, which was done on London‘s Oxford Street, made use of augmented reality in the bus stop screen and displayed some exciting experiences like UFOs, robots and even meteorites crashing from the sky. This helped them trigger some news in the existing market, giving some unbelievable experiences to their customers.

These types of marketing practices not only help in creating a strong awareness of the brand in the market, but also are cost-effective at the same time. They are more on the point and deliver the message clearly with some innovation that attracts customers.

Most of the brands and retailers are using this new technology to approach their customers in a more better and interactive way, and offer them a more memorable and enjoyable experience.

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