Organizational Psychology

No, it is not rocket science!!

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Jenkins: DevOps perspective


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Delivering Value along with SharePoint Project

Generally, when a client demanding SharePoint solution approaches a SharePoint solution provider, he is sceptical and have lot of queries such as - whether the SharePoint application will be economically viable and functionally beneficial, why invest enormously to develop a SharePoint application, how completely utilize SharePoint resources to get benefited and many more. However, to answer such queries and deliver a cutting-edge SharePoint solution, providers need to follow Value Management methods.

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Mobile technology advancing government organizations

The world is going mobile! It is now the reality that most population in the world is using mobile devices and it has become one of the primary way of living. However, even government organizations who have not yet adopted mobile technology can now leverage it, owing to the benefits and opportunities offered by digitization. For government, mobile technology can simplify time taking procedures and processes, help in bridging the gap with common population and importantly allow them to deliver efficient services to citizens 

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Technology stories you cannot miss – Week 48, 2016

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6 points why government organizations should consider SharePoint solutions

key-advantages-of-sharepoint.pngSharePoint, an excellent collaboration platform is used by numerous organizations to manage their tasks and resources efficiently. It is considered as one of the important tool for all organizational needs to share, discover and consolidate everything and it is vital for smooth functioning. On the contrary with wide range of benefits offered by SharePoint, lot of government organizations fail to comprehend the importance of SharePoint solutions.  

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The ObjectAid UML Explorer for STS/Eclipse


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5 key advantages of applying mobile analytics to your app

mobile-analytics.pngWith proliferation of apps in mobile marketplace, tracking number of app downloads might not be sufficient to measure success of developed app. Defining success and popularity of app subject to customer value is considered as an old school approach. However with continuous transformation and innovation, it is highly essential to modernize the success tracking practices which can eventually help in surviving the competition.  

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Troubleshooting with Nginx

  • Introduction

What is Nginx?

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Importing data from Excel to SQL database table directly

There are many instances where you might be developing an application, but you want some seed data or business data to be populated into a table in SQL Server. Considering such a scenario, where source data resides in an excel file and you just want to import data from the excel file to your SQL database table. There are many different ways to do it, like writing a script, macro etc. But, there is a simple solution where you could just import data from excel file to SQL database just like a copy paste would work. Let’s get it done step by step. 

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Tech story roundup - Week 47, 2016

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How to get Agile right – Part 2

My previous blog was about, how agile beginners should follow rules to make agile right instead of implementing their own perceptions and concepts. Now let’s move further to revolutionized methods of making agile right. 

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Role of augmented reality in mobile learning

Augmented reality, known as AR is one of the hot topics in software development paradigm. So what is augmented reality? AR is a concept which offers live view of existing real world environment with computer generated inputs which includes sound, graphics, text and video. However, apart from software ecosystem, AR is being widely used in mobile learning to educate users, owing to the rise of mobile devices.  

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How to get Agile right?

Agile methodology is one of the most popular methodologies adopted by C-suite executives to meet the ever-changing development requirements. It is a method ideal for software development which aligns with new digital environment unlike other traditional methods such as waterfall. The Agile methodology is the best way of executing projects and eventually making the life easier for developers.  

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Modernizing IT systems should be every CIOs business priority

In the current times we are living in, one ought to maintain some awareness of what’s happening in the world of technology, especially in the world of emerging technologies. This is more critical to CIOs of companies than anybody else. Modern technologies those are innovative and its impact on enterprise creates a lot of excitement and curiosity around what’s possible. 

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Tech stories handpicked for you - Week 46, 2016

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Boto3 with Python3+


Python3 has released new version from core python. They have improved a lot of functionalities in Python3. I will not give a brief explanation of new features, but will try to provide an overview.

Here are the new features added to Python 3+:
a. Dedicated (@) infix operator for matrix multiplication which adds new directory iteration.
b. Function os.scandir() to standard library where an errno.EINTR error code is returned whenever a system calls, that is waiting for I/O, is interrupted by a signal. Previously, Python would raise InterruptedError in such cases. It meant that, while writing a Python application developer would have two choices: Ignore InterruptedError or handle InterruptedError and attempt to restart interrupted system call at every call site.

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Why reusability of software components is essential?

Code Reusability.png
While developing a complex software, programmers or software developers require immense knowledge and brain-storming. Absolutely, their natural tendency to write long lines of code which can be intricate, hard to manage and can’t be reused. However, programmers must store the code components and knowledge that can be reused, which in return can save time for developing a software requiring similar code capabilities.

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Considerations beyond just connectivity for IoT

The speed with which IoT enabled connected things are proliferating, and companies willing to tap this potential, it’s no longer an assumption that an IoT service provider can lead you to a faster time-to-market and also increase your business uptake, rather trying to do it all in-house. But what’s the key for evaluating and choosing a right IoT partner?

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Effective Routing & Navigation in AngularJS Application

AngularUI Router is a routing framework for AngularJS, mainly developed to improve as well as enhance routing capabilities. It allows us to well organize the parts of application interface into a state machine. UI-Router is state-based framework making routing and UI navigation easier and manageable. The $route service in Angular core is organized around URL routes whereas UI-Router is organized around states. It may optionally have routes and other behaviour, attached with it.

States are bound to named, nested and parallel views that allow us to powerfully manage our application's interface
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The promise of Blockchain in healthcare

The dream of any healthcare CIO is to have ubiquitous electronic health record system. But as we have seen in my previous blogs, the same is not easy on the grounds of technical, commercial, operational, governance and compliance. But blockchain can be a solution to these concerns only if government authority takes responsibility to run a blockchain system.

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Tech stories making news – Week 45, 2016

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e-Zest Reappraised At CMMI Maturity Level 3

Pune, 26 October, 2016 - e-Zest, a global software services company, announced that the company has been reappraised as fully compliant at Maturity Level 3 with "SEI CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration) Level 3 assessment.

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Hire the attitude, Train the skills

Yes, it is very well said that - You can’t build a successful company without great people. Now the question arises is - How do we categories or understand these great or productive talent (people)?

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