Technology news from around the globe - Week 44, 2016

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Accounts Receivables (AR) – A proactive approach

During discussion with my colleagues in finance and accounts function, I came to know about the issues faced by the organization due to payments not made by clients. This creates lot of hardship as cash flow planning goes for a toss. Follow up on the receivable adds to the cost of finance and overall it creates a bad test for the organization and its client.

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Technology stories you cannot miss – Week 43, 2016


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IT innovations- enabler of 'Cure to Care' Healthcare transformation

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Recent innovations in IT like internet of things (IoT), Sensors, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, Big Data and Predictive Analytics all assist in enabling continuous monitoring of patient health, promote healthy life style, track patterns and find possible threats, also alert in advance to avoid emergency situations.

Topics: Predictive analytics Digital Tranformation healthcare with IoT Healthcare EDI Big data healthcare US Healthcare Preventive Healthcare IT Machine Learning AI healthcare IT

Importance of Positive & Negative Scenarios in Testing

Testing is a vital part of project delivery that it has become unthinkable to neglect or spend less time on it. There are so many ways to test an application; it doesn’t matters which way you have taken. Having said this, it’s important to consider both positive as well as negative test scenarios and more attention towards negative scenarios.

Topics: Testing Positive Testing Negative Testing Boundary Value Analysis Equivalence Partitioning

Thoughts on Microsoft Ignite 2016 Conference

When we talk about tech conferences, Microsoft Ignite always steals away the spotlight. This time the Ignite 2016 unveiled a lot of new things related to security, internet of things, mobility and much more. In addition, there were 140 sessions conducted for SharePoint where the SharePoint team and Jeff Teper were very open about what’s coming in SharePoint.

Below are few highlights on what Microsoft has announced for SharePoint in Ignite 2016.

Topics: Microsoft Ignite 2016 Microsoft Ignite SharePoint announcements

Integration of AWS CodeCommit, Jenkins and SonarQube

What is AWS Codecommit?

Topics: Jenkins AWS CodeCommit SonarQube

Apache vs Nginx

Today, the two most amazing open source servers, Apache HTTP and Nginx are ruling the internet world. Apache being the oldest is being used on large scale by the enterprises. However with the growing online traffic, Apache server deprives in terms of scaling and performance due to load of multiple processes, resulting into additional consumption of computer memory. On the other hand, Nginx being able to manage large amount traffic is the second most used proxy server. Nginx was written particularly to address the performance limitations of the Apache server. Thus, Nginx being an emerging technology is now slowly taking over Apache. 

Topics: apache Nginx Web Server Gateway Interface (WSGI)

Installation of a JDK1.8 on Linux

We use JVM (Java Virtual Machine) for different tools in today’s technological world. Also, there are different versions of JVM released till now. JDK1.8.0 is the latest version of Java which is required by many software tools.

Topics: Linux JDK1.8 Ubuntu CentOS

Tech story roundup - Week 42, 2016


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Patient matching strategies

For healthcare IT to function properly, it is very important that healthcare entities are certain about the patient data being referred while treating the patient. In my last post we have seen various issues that result in poor or mismanaged patient data. In this post we will talk about various strategies for the patient data matching.

Topics: healthcare Health Information Exchanges (HIE) Unique Patient Identifier (UPI) healthcare IT Health Information Management (HIM)

AngularJS Custom Directives

AngularJs directives are used for extending HTML. AngularJS provides several built-in directives like ng-controller, ng-repeat, ng-app, ng-model, ng-show, ng-hide, ng-cloak etc. But sometimes we will come to the point where built- in directives are not enough for our need. In those cases, we can create custom directives.

Topics: AngularJS AngularJS Custom Directives

AngularJS Routes

AngularJS routes allow you to create different URLs for different information and content in your application. Different URLs for different information and content allows user to bookmark URLto specific content. In AngularJS, such bookmarkable URL is called a route.

Topics: Angular.js AngularJS Routes

Tech stories handpicked for you - Week 41, 2016


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Realising a dream - “Technology to enable affordable healthcare for masses”


Delighted that e-Zest’s strategic investment got series A funding, congratulations Neurosynaptic! This has been an exemplary contribution towards our dream of 'making affordable healthcare available to masses' by Sameer Sawarkar and Rajeev Kumar. It gives me great pleasure to see more hands and talented minds joining our vision. I welcome on board Nagaraja Prakasam (Indian Angel Network) and Dr.Pinak Shrikhande of Healthquad. I would also like to thank Axilor Ventures for placing their trust in Neurosynaptic.

A couple of years ago, we at e-Zest were seeking a partner to augment our offering in our core healthcare segment with IoT and device expertise around our cloud analytics and mobility offerings. When we evaluated Neurosynaptic, the sheer possibility of creating a collaborative impact on the life of masses was a deal clincher... All this while achieving desired strategic alignment and numerous business possibilities!

The journey has not been easy but definitely one to relish for times to come. Long sessions on product and technology modernization, brainstorming over segments and offerings, discussions on innovation and monetization strategies, reviews of the execution plan, etc. have made it memorable. I am sure there will be plenty more interesting moments coming our way.

I'm a conversationist and people close to me know that quite well. Having said that, I must admit, I feel extremely proud to bring up Neurosynaptic in almost all my conversations. And why not - to make healthcare accessible in 30 districts covering more than 2,000 villages, with over 8,000 health operators and reaching 50 million people in India alone! - I believe that is one 'helluva' feat!

And to think this is just the beginning!

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A quick low down on everything about Google hardware event

In a seemingly largest announcement on hardware, Google recently unveiled its interesting array of devices as well as services on October 4 in San Francisco. This newest range of devices put Amazon's Echo and Apple's iPhones right in the limelight.

Topics: mobile devices connnected devices IoT Smartphone Google Google Apps Android Software AI connected computing hardware wifi VR

Windows Azure Backup

Azure Backup, a cloud based backup solution for Windows which lets the users to take backup of files and folders at offsite cloud storage in Windows Azure. The Windows Azure Backup helps in protecting sensitive server data against loss and disaster impacts. No matter, wherever the data stored, Azure Backup service helps the IT administrators to backup and protect critical customer data in an efficient approach. The stored data may include SharePoint, Exchange and SQL Server files, Windows Servers and Azure Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) virtual machines. 

Topics: Azure Cloud Windows Azure Backup Azure Backup Service Cloud Backup

Using AngularJS with Pentaho Dashboard

Pre Requisite: Knowledge of AngularJS is needed.

Topics: Pentaho BI Platform Pentaho ETL Angular.js CDA CDE

Equipping your mobile workforce

Gone are the days when workers functioned while sitting at the office desk. Nowadays, the scenario is totally contrasting because of the proliferation of mobile devices. Earlier it was expected to travel to office, work for hours and drive back home. However, the boost in mobile technology enabled the workforces to comfortably work, attend meetings and collaborate with peers from any location. Also, numerous apps available in the market have significantly contributed towards collaboration and engagement of the workforces within an enterprise. As a result, there are over millions of mobile workers across the globe and the number will always keep increasing. 

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Java Messaging Service (JMS)

Following JMS providers has been taken into consideration:

Topics: RabbitMQ Java Messaging Service (JMS) ActiveMQ

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