Technology news from around the globe - Week 31, 2016


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Strategic Alliances – A modern sales approach for IT


Most of the IT companies usually follows the traditional sales pattern, starting with prospecting and ending with new customer referrals. But, understanding each and every stage of the sales cycle can be crucial at times. Working on the particular skill in order to close the sales is time-consuming and may lead to customer attrition. 

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Revolution in e-Prescribing space

e-Prescribing has been gaining lot of momentum worldwide. While US has been the early adopters of e-Prescriptions, primarily because of the well-known incentive program from HITECH act; European market has also seen significant momentum. Undoubtedly, e-Prescribing is an important technology revolution towards a connected and automated health system. There are many e-Rx installations that are happening in private space in India.

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Tech stories making news – Week 30, 2016


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Cloud as a vehicle for India’s IT led development


There has been a major transformation in the Indian IT ecosystem, the adoption of cloud computing. Cloud computing offers a lot of business benefits like allowing to setup a virtual office including security, scalability and competitiveness. Cloud in India is experiencing a higher adoption rate thanks to internet reach, high speed connectivity, tremendous use of digital devices and digital transformation.

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Tech story roundup - Week 29, 2016


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Will bots bring an end to Front-end?

Recently, everyone around is talking about “bots.” It’s the new paradigm in the world of technology. Though, we are in early stage of the bot technology, it will surely create a huge impact on the online life and the way jobs are done. The revolution in the IT ecosystem from traditional click apps to chat oriented bots has already begun.

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Technology news handpicked for you - Week 28, 2016


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Application performance testing for modern world

Majority of applications today are designed and built to run over internet and in different browsers, across multiple devices. This creates many more reason and opportunities to conduct performance testing.

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Why Should You Come to Microsoft WPC?


Why shouldn’t you? A world partner conference which is nothing short of a carnival where tech-enthusiasts hailing from Microsoft-partners come to make and be a part of a splendid day.

It’s great because you see firms showcase what they did in an entire year of applying technologies to solving problems in their domains of work. Its awe is only proven by the fact that it stands today as an engine of networking, knowledge sharing and ultimately, economic growth. 

We are sure you are already planning what seats to book and who to meet, but let us still give you a rundown of the reasons you should go ahead for the WPC.

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#HackathonPune 2016 by Fresco Capital and e-Zest Pune - A new beginning in the IT Innovation hub of Pune

#HackathonPune, a 24-Hours coding competition, received a thunderous response with hundreds of software geeks and start-up people across the country participating and toiling the entire day and night to make something meaningful.

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Technology news from around the globe - Week 27, 2016


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