Tech Digest – Week 48, 2012

Who will win the Google-Amazon-Microsoft cloud computing price war?

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Windows 8 - style UI overtakes GUI

There is a huge buzz surrounding Windows 8, the next generation operating system from Microsoft that has been packaged with a bold new style that can be controlled with touch as well as with keyboard & mouse. Soon after the release of the most awaited Windows 8 operating system, many opinions have started to fly around regarding Windows 8 UI. With the new live tile interface, Microsoft has adopted a modern way to interact with users, it also displays the alignment with the mobile interface which describes the future of devices with expanding technology.

Topics: User Interface icons Tiles NIC GUI Windows 8 desktop OS Technology SMB IP address

Integrate Apache Solr with OpenCart

Nowadays the face of e-commerce is constantly changing. Hence to maintain strong online selling presence we have to offer better services to our end users. In most of the cases customers switch to other e-commerce sites due to poor implementation of site search, search result not being accurate, search result being slow and so on. We can overcome these problems by integrating Apache Solr with the existing e-commerce website.

Topics: Apache Solr OpenCart website search e-commerce Technology

Changing Entity Type In JPA

While using entities in an inheritance hierarchy, you may sometimes need to change the entity from superclass type to subclass type or from one subclass type to another.

Topics: inheritance change entity type change entity class JPA Technology

How to transfer files on cross-platform using shell script?

Sometimes it can be a huge pain when needing to transfer files between cross-platforms because things don’t always go smoothly. First you have to set up the shares, then you need to make sure the permissions are correct, and one can’t forget the need to use a file transfer protocol that each of the operating systems support.

Topics: file transfer protocol Windows network Shell Scripting Solaris network Technology cross-platform networks

Tech Digest – Week 47, 2012

Windows Server 2012 now runs in Amazon's cloud

Topics: enterprise collaboration tool amazon web services AWS iOS business intelligence Windows Server 2012 Yammer SharePoint Mobile Development document management system Azure cloud computing Technology

Stop DDoS Attacks

DDoS stands for Distributed denial-of-service or Denial-of-service attack. DDoS attack is an attempt to make machine or network unavailable to its intended users. The attacker sends or implants malware into a file or emails. When the victim downloads or opens the emails, DDoS attacks the computer hardware and others. Under a DDoS attack, hackers send multiple connections continuously to the server. The attack takes place from multiple IP addresses. It takes up the network bandwidth and uses up system resource.

Topics: Stop DDoS Attacks Reflector DDoS attacks Distributed denial-of-service DDoS Attacks Denial-of-service attack DDoS Technology Direct DDoS attacks

Microsoft SkyDrive API - Leverage SkyDrive API for Cross-platform Applications

SkyDrive cloud storage is now open for access to third-party applications. Microsoft team has released an update to SkyDrive for both Windows and Mac, as well as for iOS and Windows Phone. With the update, we can write applications that are able to access files in the cloud directly from their PC/Mac or mobile app. With the SkyDrive API, we can utilize SkyDrive to build an app on any platform.

Topics: Microsoft SkyDrive API Cross-platform Applications .NET Cloud Storage Collaboration Applications Windows Phone 8 cloud computing Technology

Semaphore in Java

The Concurrency API introduced in Java 5 has a Semaphore class. It provides the same concept of semaphore as invented by Edsger Dijkstra. It can be used to control the access to the pool of resources.

Topics: Java Semaphore Multithreading Concurrency API Technology

Tech Digest – Week 46, 2012

Nine Security controls to look for in Cloud contracts

Topics: Cloud security analyst business intelligence Mobile app development SLA Software-as-a-Service HTML5 Enterprise knowledge solution crm cloud security IaaS Service-level agreement PhoneGap Collaboration Infrastructure-as-a-Service enterprise social software solution mobile apps Technology SaaS mobile platforms

Java Utility Class - Objects

Java 7 has introduced Objects class which provides static utility methods for operating on objects. The Java developers certainly welcome this class as it saves writing few lines of code. These utility methods were earlier available in Guava libraries. Now they are part of the Java API within the utility class Objects.

Topics: Objects Java Technology Java Utility Class

Tech Digest – Week 45, 2012

Microsoft explores ‘Job-Centric’ provisioning of Cloud Services

Topics: Cross-Platform Mobile Apps iOS business intelligence PHP Dark Data Big data Mobile Development Cloud Service Providers cloud services Android jQuery cloud computing Technology Enterprise Collaboration

Diwali Celebrations - 2012

Diwali is the festival of magnificence, celebrating the triumph of the power of good over evil. It is one of the biggest Indian festival celebrated across the country lighting small clay lamps as well as scintillating electric lamps which are placed outside homes. It is that time of the year when people exchange sweets and visit friends and relatives to spread cheer.

Topics: e-Zest Team Sports Day Event Diwali Diwali Celebrations Festival Celebrations Diwali Wishes

Tech Digest – Week 44, 2012

Days after launching Windows 8, Microsoft Corp (MSFT.O) is mounting a strong campaign to win over the software developers it needs to kick-start its new operating system.

Topics: Fuzzy logic Android 4.2 Smartphone Google Tablet launch Microsoft Windows 8 Yammer and Skype Microsoft CRM Technology

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