Enthusiastic Team from e-Zest participates in huge numbers in ‘Prashanti Breast Cancer Awareness Run'

Software professionals work very hard during the weekdays, sometimes even staying up late after office hours to meet the deadlines. They crave for weekends to rest and rejuvenate and catch up on the things they are fond of. e-Zest is a software solutions company with a difference and always looking forward to lead and contribute to the society. The passionate team at e-Zest always engages in fun activities and believes in supporting social causes. It also very much aligns e-Zest to one of its cultural values ‘Zest For Life’.

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Salesforce Data Analysis

Everybody now knows that Sales data analysis provides visibility to sales pipeline, customers, expected revenue, targeted sales performance and so on...

Topics: Sales data analysis business intelligence Custom BI Applications Salesforce Data Analysis bi dashboards analytics BI integration salesforce sharepoint integration Salesforce Integration Technology Business Intelligence Tools

Basic Apache Solr search analysis using PHP & log4j

If you are using Apache Solr as a search engine for your application then it is necessary to analyze Solr logs to improve your user experience and application performance.

Topics: Apache Solr PHP MySQL Solr Log Parse Solr logs log4J Solr search analysis Technology LAMP

e-Zest to reinforce its offering of SUP (SAP Unwired Platform) based services

e-Zest, a enterprise mobility software services company announced enrollment in SAP PartnerEdge program. SAP PartnerEdge enrollment is endorsement of e-Zest's ability to deliver custom solutions on SUP (SAP Unwired Platform). e-Zest's enrollment in SAP PartnerEdge program has provided it access to resources and support to further strengthen it's SUP Practice and enable to serve it's SUP customers better.

Topics: mobile applications SUP SAP ERP SAP Unwired Platform News & Events SUP Practice custom solutions on SUP Enterprise Mobility

Tech Digest – Week 43, 2012

Gartner sees cloud computing and mobile development putting IT on edge

Topics: Mobile Advertising social networking iOS business intelligence Social media enterprise application development online professional networks Big data Mobile Development Android cloud computing mobile apps Technology mobile platforms

Fusion Chart Plugin for Pentaho BI Platform

Say goodbye to those boring dashboards built using Open Source BI Tools. With Pentaho Fusion Chart Plugin, you can now use FusionCharts inside Pentaho. This plugin is free and open source.

Topics: business intelligence Fusion Chart pentaho Pentaho FusionCharts Plugin Pentaho BI Platform Open Source BI Tools Technology Business Intelligence Tools

Go beyond project management techniques

As project managers we all want our projects to succeed. We want to make sure that we make steady progress and that we are always on track. That’s what our role and contribution is so it is natural at times for us to get obsessed with milestones and promised intermediate deliverables. When we do get task and milestone focused though, are we running the risk of missing the big picture of the overall results expected? Are new ways and approaches needed in the information age compared to the industrial era?

Topics: Information age Insights value Creation project management project management style management methodologies Industrial era management techniques

Moments of Pride

There are times in life when one is down due to underachievement, low performance, things not happening as per expectations and morale being low. This sometimes happens due to reasons not within one’s control. There are moments of frustration and one starts feeling that it is me against the world. People start feeling that they are losers and unless this mindset gets changed failure is inevitable.

Topics: Team Insights value Creation Innovate self esteem Contribution Communication Collaboration Recognition

Custom Events In Java

The Delegation Event Model is used in Java to handle events. AWT and Swing API provides many event listener and adapter classes to handle various type of events on GUI components. In this blog post, I’m writing about creating and handling non-UI and custom events in Java.

Topics: Java EventObject creating events events Technology custom events

Tech Digest – Week 42, 2012

Bob conference: Cloud Computing wreaking havoc on old IT models

Topics: BI tools big data analytics business intelligence Enterprise Social Platform Big data Mobile Development enterprise social network cloud computing Technology mobile platforms

How to set up Apache Virtual Host configuration on LAMP environment?

We have often heard people talking about Apache Virtual Host

Topics: Name-Based Virtual Host IP-Based Virtual Host Apache Virtual Host configuration apache Technology VirtualHost LAMP

Tech Digest – Week 41, 2012

Windows 8 App Development: A Burden or a Breeze?

Topics: SharePoint Migration Tech News Big data Mobile Development mobile development techniques Windows 8 Application Development Hadoop cloud computing Technology

How to do SCP from one EC2 Instance to another EC2 Instance

Nowadays, many websites are being hosted on cloud (Amazon Web Services) instead of traditional dedicated/shared Linux servers. Programmers who are using "scp" command to copy data from one Linux server to other Linux server are now facing issues to use same "scp" command for two ec2 instances/servers of AWS. The main reason behind this is, while using "scp" command, it asks for password of the server where the data is being copied and with ec2 instances of AWS, we normally have .ppk files and not a password.

Topics: amazon web services sftp AWS ssh Linux SCP Command scp rsync EC2 cloud computing Technology

String interning in Java

The String class in Java provides a method intern(). This blog post describes its use.

Topics: intern() IdentityHashMap String Java interning Technology

Configuring Unicode support in Spring + Hibernate + MySQL + JSP Application

In this blog I will show you how I have configured Unicode in Spring Hibernate and MySQL project where we are using JSP for the client side.

Topics: hibernate Spring UTF-8 MySQL JSP Technology Unicode

Focus on complete talent not just skills

Are all carpenters the same because they know how to use the same tools? What is the intangible that makes one person a carpenter and yet another person using the same tools a world class artist. Surely it was not the knowledge of the tool. Yet, we find that we in IT get obsessed with labeling, resourcing and planning our team almost purely on the basis of technical skills. Very often we hear, “we need a person with 4 years of experience to lead this .NET project.” Is the recipe for success really that simple? What may we be missing here and what is a better way to make people decisions?

Topics: recruiting Insights value Creation Your gifts skills Your emotions effectiveness Core Competencies talent staffing

Tech Digest – Week 40, 2012

How is cloud computing improving asynchronous learning in schools?

Topics: enterprise development business intelligence management consulting asynchronous learning system analytics Big data Mobile Development virtualization app big-data management cloud computing Technology

Synchronizers In Java - CountDownLatch

The Concurrency API introduced in Java 5 provides a latch – CountDownLatch. A latch is a synchronizer which acts like a gate. CountDownLatch acts like a one-time closed gate which is initially closed and can be opened only once. Once it is opened it will remain open.

Topics: synchronizer Java ExecutorService Multithreading latch Concurrency API CountDownLatch Technology synchronizers

Kerberos – An Overview

Kerberos is an authentication protocol used by client-server applications on unsecure networks. It was developed at MIT as a part of Project Athena. Version 5 is the latest version of this protocol. RFC 1510 is the IETF standard for Kerberos V5. Kerberos is also the name of a three-headed dog in Greek mythology.

Topics: security Kerberos Ticket Granting Server Key Distribution Center Authentication Service Technology DES

Architectural Changes in SharePoint 2013

Released by Microsoft on 17 July, SharePoint 2013 public beta is being discussed worldwide for its advanced features and improvements. I was fortunate to get enlightened at Microsoft India, Hyderabad when Wayne Ewington, the Principal Consultant at Microsoft Corporation spoke on ‘Architectural Changes in SharePoint 2013’. I’m sharing the same with you; following are the changes in the architecture of SharePoint 2013:

Topics: Microsoft SharePoint SharePoint 2013 SQL Cache Service Request Management Microsoft .Net SharePoint 2010 Shredded Storage Technology

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