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Thread-safe collection wrappers and alternative classes

The java.util.Collections class provides the following static methods to wrap a collection into a thread-safe collection:

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Extended Team Model – Just the right thing you were looking for!

I want the deliveries at the decided time frame and within the set quality SLAs. Any delays is going to cost me big time and so will your company…” Aren’t these words very familiar? If you are in software industry and these do not strike a note with you then probably you are so used to them that they don’t amuse you anymore. But majority of people would say that yes these they are not only familiar with those words but they are a part and parcel of daily routine for project teams.

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Introduction to Specification Pattern

Specification pattern has emerged out of “Domain Driven Design” phenomenon. It is first identified and articulated here by Eric Evans and Martin Fowler. Specification Pattern is based on method chaining technique and beautifully uses fluent interfaces. In method chaining, we get desired results by operating over the object through series of methods which returns the same type of object. One of the examples of method chaining is given below,

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SaaS - Business & Revenue Model Considerations

Based on over decade of our experience in product engineering services, we have learned some very interesting facets of building product, taking it to the market and generating revenue. Having seen successes and failures with different revenue and business models of product engineering companies (ISV’s), I would like to highlight key learning’s around business, service delivery and revenue model

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When to use ThreadLocal?

JDK 1.2 introduced ThreadLocal class to maintain the thread’s local state. A thread may need to share some state with the classes in which it runs and a thread may have its own local state. To maintain such state in the thread-scope, ThreadLocal can be used instead of declaring the state in the Thread class and using synchronization to share it.

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EDI Unleashed – Series 2

By now I am sure the reader is a little conversant with EDI. But before we move ahead with understanding challenges in EDI implementation lets understand how Electronic Claim Submission Works.

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Scroller control in JavaFX 2

JavaFX 2.x has many fascinating and useful controls. Among them “TabPane” is also one of the control. Here I am not going in detail about TabPane control, but I would like to inform that there might be some situations where we would like to have a control particularly like the TabPaneHeader ie., adding buttons/nodes dynamically and the scrolling behavior. For example, creating a custom browser layout, adding options scroll in the ribbon bar etc... The basic idea of developing this control is taken from Mozilla tab control.More or less this also includes the behavior of Horizantal ListView. :-)

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Caching with periodic updates using EJB 3.1 Singleton and Timer

With the introduction of Singleton beans in EJB 3.1, implementing a cache in the business-tier has become easy. Only one instance of a singleton bean is created per JVM (in case the application server runs in multiple clusters) by the EJB container. The singleton beans also provide other features of EJB – transaction and concurrency management, security, remote access, life cycle callbacks, interceptors and dependency injection.

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Benefits of Business Intelligence Tools

Collecting the data from various data systems to use in Business Intelligence Tools and consuming them in an effective manner can be challenging and time consuming. It is significantly important to understand what business intelligence tools offers and the benefits enterprises can get out of them.

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Behaviour Oriented Modelling

According to laws of classical physics, the future state of a system can be determined solely from its present state. This means that behaviour of a system is the outcome of its state or structure. This is fundamental assumption underlying most engineering disciplines.

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Seven Value Medals a day!

We all spend about 250 days a year at work and do we really get the maximum out of those days for ourselves, our clients and the company? Of course we all strive to do our best, despite that many a time we are left with a feeling that we did not reach our maximum potential for contribution. Is there a simple way we can plan and manage our day to maximize our contribution, results and eventually rewards?

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Comparison of Business Intelligence Tools

While selecting the Business Intelligence Tool, many times, decision makers are interested to have some sort of quick comparison of interesting features along with drawbacks of the tools. Below is a comparison between MicroStrategy, QlikView and Pentaho.

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Limitations of intrinsic lock and solution

Java SE 5.0 introduced classes for locking called as Lock API. They are part of java.util.concurrent.locks package. Until then, only synchronized methods and synchronized blocks were available for locking.

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Understanding EDI - Series 1

EDI Unleashed

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Generic Equivalent for Scrum Key Roles and Artifacts

With lot of confusion over some of the SCRUM artifacts and meaning of those, I have tried to prepare summarized list and explained meaning in simplified language. I hope this will be helpful for SCRUM Practitioners

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Choreography and Orchestration: A Software Perspective

While thinking about the complexity resulting from conventional object oriented techniques in building enterprise software, I realised that such complexity is in the nature of such OO-like systems as they grow really large.

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