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Cloud storage solutions gaining popularity

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Digital Transformation and What it Could Mean for your Business?

Digital transformation has taken businesses all over by storm. However, there are still quite a few people who are unaware of the whole concept of digital transformation. However, this key term is something that all enterprises must focus on, as early as possible.

What is Digital Transformation?

Talking in the simplest of terms, digital transformation is nothing but the changes that move an organization from the conventional to the digital realm. It means embracing the changes that technology brings about to the business models. Without undergoing a digital transformation, you can’t hold on to your section of customers for long.

Defining concisely, digital transformation refers to all the changes that are associated with the application of digital technology on all aspects, operations and methods of a business. It is important to understand what transformation means here. Transformation points to a fundamental, whole-scale change to the very foundational components of the enterprise, starting from its infrastructure to its operating processes, from what it sells to whom and how it sells. The “Digital” part of the transformation signifies harnessing the combined powers of: social media, analytics, mobile and the cloud-in order to bring about a change in the current state of business.

What is Digital Transformation aiming at?

Digital Transformation is not a choice anymore- it is a necessity. To keep a place in the competitive market, it is mandatory for the enterprises to keep pace with the technological disruption.

Businesses have to embrace new online marketing channels, bring about new digitally-evolved products to the market. It is also important to refresh the value propositions of their offerings and utilize the cloud technology to improve their business. It is only through Digital Transformation that enterprises can reach out to new sets of customers and retain their existing one.

Let us check the example of HMV. It was one of the premier sellers of CDs and DVDs. However, they chose continuing to base the business model around in-store customers. But, consumer demand monumentally shifted in favour of digital downloads and online streaming. This resulted in the shutting down of HMV. By the time they re-invented themselves, the market had already been taken by Netflix, iTunes etc.

Not only in retail, but Digital Transformation has revolutionized the way businesses perform in different sectors like financial services, telecoms, media, marketing, defence, travel and leisure, only to name a few.

So, to sum it up, Digital Transformation is trying to save all businesses from meeting their doomsday, like HMV did!

Advantages of Digital Transformation

Let us look at some of the key areas where Digital Transformation needs to be embraced by the businesses to sustain themselves in the market.

  • Automation
Automatic Control, or automation, is the use of control systems for operating various equipments like machinery, processes in factories, aircraft and other applications with minimal or reduced human intervention. The biggest advantage of automation is that it saves labor and increases precision and accuracy. Businesses are driven by efficiency and not on raw cost arbitrage structure.

  • Streamlined workflow and operations
Digital Transformation allows the use of powerful technology oiling the machinery behind internal operations, thus making it easier for teams to collaborate seamlessly across various departments. Digital structuring of operations on every level of business enables accurate sales and income forecasts that help the company to plan the future meticulously.

  • Digitized assets
You do not have to maintain heaps of papers and notebooks as your records or files. Everything is kept in record in various digital forms, right from the online platforms to your tapes. You could digitalize storage, backup, documents, servers and even the network on which your business performs.

  • Improved insight into management and marketing decisions
Digital Transformation helps to streamline management in every level of the business hierarchy. Digital tools gather, analyze and visualize data from different areas of the enterprise. Predictive models based on this could help the CXOs and managers in identifying business opportunities and risks. One can study not only the producer behaviour but also the consumer behaviour from this data.

  • Disappearance of any middle-man
Digital Transformation helped in eliminating middlemen in business such as sales co-ordinators, sales assistants and various layers in finance, procurements as it becomes easier to manage work with the help of technology. This saves labor, reduces cost and increases the speed of work.

  • Data analysis
One of the greatest contributions of Digital Transformation towards the enterprises is data analysis. It helps to keep track of huge amounts of data in a very easier and less-complicated manner. You could sort data out as per your requirements and use them to maximize business opportunities. Data analysis includes dashboards, graphs, charts that help in reading consumer behaviour efficiently.

Businesses that need Digital Transformation are those that have not kept up with the pace of market, technological and competitor evolution. Implementing modern systems and technology would aid businesses in the market research, production and subsequent sign-off of all new services, campaigns and products.
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Messaging Bots in Today’s Enterprises

Today, almost every knowledge worker suffers a software fatigue, which is experienced due to the inefficient task of using different applications at the same time. The whole process of multi-tasking becomes cumbersome as it requires efficient switching between different applications to collaborate with their colleagues at workplace and manage information. In such a scenario, ChatBots provide a useful alternative, by incorporating some of the great features of IRC (Internet Relay Chat).

What is a ChatBot?

ChatBots are a computerized responses to statements made on a channel, realized as a powerful way to enrich the content, bring together various communities with similar interests. Bots rose to popularity recently after the boom of internet and social networking sites. What boosted their growth was the fact that they could be written in ample coding languages. The basic function remaining that they had to connect their line-of-business applications with chat. This accelerated the information flow, without the user having to switch between multiple applications.

Why should users be happy?

Users enjoy the benefit of experiencing various services with just one app. You can just skip dealing with multiple interfaces and thus, save a lot of time. Not only this, but also using a single software or app, saves your device a lot of memory.

When business is considered, internal chat options for enterprises provide a lot of options that make the entire functioning a lot easier. You could engage a poll bot (to take instant polls among the members), or a reminder bot (to send reminders to team members about any upcoming target or deadline). One advantage of using ChatBots is that users get exposed to only those features that are specific to their business interests and communication and collaboration needs.

Why developers should be happy?

As a messaging platform, the free chatting software could, very-well, provide plug-ins for almost every developer tool available in the market. The plug-ins provides the developers with a platform to create their own apps and bots. API platforms of the messaging apps provide developers’ customization, easier deployment and within-the-platform growth. What’s exciting is that businesses who are interested in developing apps and bots also have the flexibility of using Aritifical or Human Intelligence.

How Chatbot could change the future of messaging?

As a part of business communication tools, the ChatBot app is supposed to attract developers and B2Bs by providing integrations on the messaging platform. Apart from this, the free messaging services will take over the responsibility of assuring businesses and enterprises to find diverse integrations. Such platforms are bound to become the central hub for the workflows of the users.
It is believed that collaboration and productivity tools are supposed to become huge in the coming future and will require a massive reengineering of the workplace. This would make it more responsive, agile and ensure facilitation of data-driven decision making in different areas of entrepreneurship.

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Why should you stop using Access Services for SharePoint Online?

Access Service for SharePoint Online is all about developing applications with the help of Microsoft Access database management system. The applications created using these services are easily accessible through a web browser.

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Cross channel marketing: Boon for your business

Modern day marketers have a lot of work to do, with an ever increasing number of ways to reach their prospects and customers. With internet making an enormous impact on consumer interaction and so many channels on offer, the consumers move from one channel to another during the researching and buying process.

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