Importance of implementing Key Account Management (KAM) practices in an organization

Key Account Management (KAM) is systematic process of engaging and managing specific group of existing customers. It assists to define, understand and achieve a set of goals which mutually benefits organization and customers. The KAM process helps in engaging customers and nullify competition with respect to the customer account, where the ultimate goal is maximizing the revenue.

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Technology stories you cannot miss – Week 12, 2017

What’s next for SaaS and smartphones? 

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Salesforce: How AI will impact the workforce?

With recent announcement of Einstein, Salesforce revealed, how artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies will mutually enhance the functionality of their CRM platform. For all Salesforce products, Einstein offers array of features which includes insights, predictions, recommendations and automation.

Through Einstein, Salesforce is trying to break the entire stereotype ideology of applying same solution to every problem. According to Salesforce, humans alone will not be able to drive the economic growth, instead artificial intelligence and machine learning will prove to be the equal contributors. With AI and machine learning, Salesforce is preparing to infiltrate Salesforce products more intensely into customers business to enhance human decision making process.

Salesforce asserts if Einstein is as good as Salesforce then it might simplify marketing and sales efforts. With the help of automation, Einstein might replace repetitive tasks of humans and help them to focus effectively on important tasks. This era will be called as cognitive era, where AI will transform every major industry. 

According to Salesforce experts, any task performed by a human can be now automated using artificial intelligence. However, it is not that Einstein will replace humans entirely, instead there are lot of tasks which can be performed together using human and AI abilities.

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What’s the buzz about SharePoint Virtual Summit?

Technology giant Microsoft recently announced SharePoint virtual summit to be held on 16 May 2017. This free online event is all geared up to discuss on how to incorporate SharePoint efficiently and leverage OneDrive and Office 365 for collaboration within the workplace.

At this online event, Jeff Teper, Corporate Vice President at Microsoft will reveal new features of SharePoint and forthcoming innovations. Furthermore, Jeff will be joined by James Phillips and Chuck Friedman to talk about the collaboration notion between Office 365, Windows and Azure to improvise enterprise efficiency. The leading customers from the industry will enlighten audiences by explaining how these cutting-edge technologies have helped them to contribute to the world of digitization.

SharePoint virtual summit is an excellent opportunity for businesses to learn how to leverage SharePoint benefits and create a secured and connected workplace.

To register for this event click here, because it is highly recommended!

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Generate On/Off flip switch button with CSS3

Presently, generating flip switch button (on off) using CSS is very novel concept amongst designers. Therefore in this blog, I am going to explain how to design On/Off flip switch custom button using CSS3 transitions.

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