Importance for Employee Appreciation

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Employee recognition is informal or formal way to acknowledge hard work and activities of an individual and teams within an organization. It is important to reward employees for a good job done. Employee recognition is directly proportional to employee satisfaction and satisfied employees do a better job and even chances of employee leaving an organization are minimized. When employees and their work are appreciated, their satisfaction and productivity level goes up, and they are motivated to improve their good work.

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Competency Mapping

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In today’s competitive world, it is significant for organizations to grow at a significant pace to cope up with the latest developments in the market. And now organizations have realized that this growth depends on how capable their people are and to drive the success of future business, it is necessary to tap on the competencies and enhance them for industry growth. Now here comes the role of competency mapping.

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Meet Kentico 11

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Christmas has come early this year as Kentico Software launched newer version of Kentico i.e. Kentico 11. It offers peace of mind for users through its GDPR and data protection, all-in-one e-mail marketing solution and endless e-commerce possibilities. It has shown again that customer comes first for Kentico. It has addressed the features customers have been asking for with this release.

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Sign-on with Google OAuth2

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In this blog we will see how to build an MVC5 Web application that enables user to log in using OAuth 2.0 credentials from an external authentication provider.

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Managing Azure VM-level Backup

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Backups are very crucial in any IT related operations. They are your fallback mechanism, just in case things go southwards. In this blog, we will discuss about configuring Azure VM-level backup.

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