Tech stories making the rounds - Week 16, 2018

Tech digest week 16
Innovation with hybrid and multi cloud computing

Using cloud computing to formulate innovative solutions for enterprise requirements has catalysed the process of forming solutions. It is important to assess the role of hybrid-cloud and multi-cloud computing, which have become the talk of the industry as they are favourable to the enterprise. The exact application and how one varies from the other is nebulous. To get a clear understanding of how hybrid and multi cloud computing are emerging in the industry read on.

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Applying GDPR to Marketing and Sales units

Applying GDPR to Marketing and Sales units
I am aware of the delay in delivering this blog, however it is for a good reason. Before I start explaining the second scenario let me clarify one definition, which I have misinterpreted in my previous blog.

In my previous blog I had mentioned the context of EU citizens. That context needs to be changed to EU residents instead of citizens. GDPR is for EU residents. Who can be considered as EU residents? I asked for help from few consultants and they clarified it as follows:
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Role of HR in Digital Innovation

Role of HR in Digital Innovation
Today, organizations are progressively undergoing a phase of digital innovation, which is enough for the growth of business and even helps to redesign business models. You can read more about digital innovation in my previous blog.
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Connect - ReImagine - CoCreate @ Magento Imagine

Connect-ReImagine-CoCreate @ Magento Imagine

As an e-Commerce executive or technology professional you must be excited about the upcoming Magento Imagine conference in Las Vegas (Apr 23-25). At the same time with over 150+ speakers, 100+ sessions and over 3,000 attendees, the scale and choices can be extremely daunting.
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Digital Innovation is the way forward

Digital Innovation is the way forward

Today’s era is best known as the era of Digital innovation. Digital Innovation is the reinvention of methods or processes to operate business in order to cope up with the advanced technology trends. In today’s world, customers have higher expectations from businesses as there is greater visibility and there are different options available in the market. In this unpredictable competitive environment traditional business models, processes, workplace, and skills can be a disadvantage.  In order to overcome this, an organization needs to embrace digital Innovation as a driver of revenue and to adapt to changing market scenarios.
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